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Why do Catholics carry statues of Mary?

Question: Why do Catholics carry statues of Mary and not even that of Jesus?
It is true we don’t usually carry the statue of Jesus. Rather we carry Jesus Himself (and not just his statue) every year when we have Corpus Christi processions. And everyday Jesus is carried when the priest raises him during Mass. At every Benediction or Adoration Jesus is also carried when the priest blesses us with the Montrance. So you see we do more to Jesus than to Mary.
Mary and Jesus are not enemies….they are not fighting to see who is greatest. No….Mary is a creature of God. When you write a book and people love the book and talk nicely about the book, will you get angry that they are talking about the book and not about you? No…because the more they talk about the book the more you become happy.
Mary is Jesus’ best book. So when we carry her statue it is God the one who created her that is praised. God is not angry that people love his book “Mary”. The same way a father is not angry when his daughter is doing so well in school and everyone is praising her…it is the family name that is exalted.
God is not a human being. He is God so he has no problem with we loving his handiwork. Because that will never make him reduce as God or become less God. God is not in competition with any of his creatures. He is rather happy when people can see goodness and greatness in what He has created. Read 2 Samuel 6:3-5, Exodus 25:12-15, Joshua 3:17.

Why Do Catholics Carry Statues of Mary?
By Fr. Anthony Agnes
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